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STEM Adventures:
Bringing K-12 Students to Research Labs and Facilities 
Mineola High School

Mineola High School’s robotics and computer science classes visited the R&D Park at Stony Brook University on April 11, 2024. Led by teachers Kuri DeFede and Andrew Woolsey, 25 students first toured the combustion, battery, and hydrogen labs at the Advanced Energy Center before heading to CEWIT to experience the Reality Deck and AI-powered robotics with Sunrise Technologies.

As many students were part of Mineola’s competitive robotics team, there was particular interest in both the combustion lab and the AI programming. Upon completion of the tour, the students had lunch sponsored by Joe Ambrosio of Unique Electric Solutions.

“It was really an eye-opening for the students to see the real-world scientific applications of research in technology. They came back excited to speak about what they had seen, and have found new passions to explore.“
-Kuri DiFede, Mineola Teacher